Too late to prepare? with The Gunmetal Armory

Too late to prepare? with The Gunmetal Armory

August 21, 2020 I Am Liberty Preppers S.H.T.F. Shows 0

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Broadcasting network. We have to hit the reset button to create a true culture of preparedness, starting at a very young age and filtering all the way up.

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Welcome to the gunmetal armory. Here’s your host, Dane D. And of course we got a woman with me, the mistress of metal, you know, because what’s life without a companion, right? Yeah. So tonight, everybody first, I’ll start out by saying what’s up team gunmetal. I’m happy, happy, happy to have you guys along for the ride.

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Last week, I wasn’t able to do a show. We were far, far, far too busy, and I was at work until nine o’clock at night, and I didn’t have time to prerecord a show. So things kinda got a little off the rails last week, but I am here this week and we have a very interesting show for you this week. The mr. Some metal is going to be joining me tonight. We are going to talk about preps. We’re going to talk about threats to those preps.

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Of course, what you should maybe buy when you have a enough ammo, or maybe you will talk about, you know, what, when, and, and, and if it’s ever too late to start prepping, you know, basically the title of the show is, is it too late to start preparing? Or is it too late to prepare?

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So we’re going to kind of discuss whether it is too late to start preparing. Now, we’re going to discuss whether it’s too late to start worrying about self defense and firearms and things of that nature. Now, I can tell you guys because of where I work, that we are out of every major handgun ammunition out there right now, we’re out of nine mill, 45, ACP 45, Colt three 57, 38, 44, Magnum three 80.

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We’re out of 40 Smith. We’re out of 22 LR. And in the rifle world, we’re quickly running out of three, three Oh eight. We’re completely out of seven 62 by 39. We’re completely out of five, four or five by 39, which is not a huge caliber, but, and we are totally out of five, five, six, two to three. So we have seen a major run on this stuff. Now, most of us, you know, that are preppers. We kind of expected that, and we knew that was going to happen, but we have been seeing some slight resurgences and you know, ammunition coming in.

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And, you know, sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s not, but right now we don’t have any at the store that I work at. We just don’t have any the hardest part. And I really want to say this to you guys out there that are listening, please. When you go into a store to buy ammo or, you know, anything like that, you know, when you go into a store to buy gear, or when you deal with a person who is in customer service, please be nice.

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Okay. Even if you’re having a crap day, even if they’re, if they’re not being very nice, please be nice. Okay? He’s hard enough to work in customer service. It’s hard enough to deal with people to begin with, but it’s even harder when everyone’s on edge. It’s even harder. When you have to wear a mask over your face. It’s even harder when customers are jerks, when 95% of the people you deal with are rude or mean, or just flat out unkind, that turns you into someone who is not very nice.

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Okay? But you could be that one person that turns their day around. You could be that one person who changes their attitude. If you’re nice to them, don’t take it personally. If they’re upset, it’s probably not about you. Okay. So I just want to say that next thing I want to say blue lives matter. Okay. Anybody who disagrees with that?

1 (5m 34s):
Don’t listen to my show. Just turn it off right now. Feel free. I’ll wait, turn it off because I don’t want you listening to my show if you don’t think blue lives matter. Okay. And I, ain’t talking about Smurfs, talking about police officers. You know, I’m talking about firefighters, their lives matter to first responders. Yes. You know, soldiers lives matter, you know, but people take the police for granted.

1 (6m 7s):
They take them for granted. And you Mark my words at this defund, the police crap keeps up. You’re going to find out exactly what it’s like to have a city without them. And you’re going to hate it. I don’t know if anybody who’s, you know, into that listens to the show or not. I’m guessing they probably don’t. But if by some chance you are stop now before it’s too late, because flat out we support the police.

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So if you don’t like it, feel free to turn this off. Moving on.

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Are you say anything else? I do want the listeners to know that we are under a severe thunderstorm alert in this area. So if we lose connection, we’ll try to reconnect as quickly.

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Yeah. We might, we might actually end up losing connection, but we’re going to try to stay on as much as we can. So, Hey, Bobby’s in the chat room. What’s up Bobby. I see you anyways. So now at my work, you know, we’re having a bar masks last week, suddenly out of nowhere, they decided that it was mandated at my work that we had to this late in the game. We did not have to wear them. No mandate the entire pandemic so far up until last week, they just suddenly decided we got to wear masks suddenly, which I just don’t understand why now, why now?

1 (7m 47s):
I mean, I’m doing it because you know, got to have a job, but I, I just wish I had some kind of an explanation, you know, something to something to explain it, I guess is the only way that I can put it. You know, just something to tell me why, but whatever the world’s nuts. So like I was saying a lot of stuff and my work is sold out.

1 (8m 19s):
The ammo gone. Most of the AR fifteens gone, no AK 47, no AR pistols, no Glocks, no tactical shotguns, very, very few guns that people look to for home defense, almost nothing is left.

2 (8m 41s):
But that being said, you do work for a rather large chain. Yes. And that’s usually the place that people go to first because it’s the least expensive. So if you happen to walk into one of these bigger chains and you see that the shelves are empty, try going to a local dealer, they need your money too. That’s true. They probably have what you’re looking for.

2 (9m 11s):
In most instances.

1 (9m 13s):
Yeah. There is a good chance that it, local dealer will have what you’re looking for or just call around, see if they have it. But yeah. I mean, yeah, please be nice for, yeah. So what was the other thing I was gonna say crap now? I forgot.

1 (9m 43s):
Well, anyways, speaking of guns, if you guys want to know how to convert your AK 47 into a survival rival, I have released my book on building, you know, the print of the building, the prepper armory series volume one is the AK 47. It’s a rival rifle builders guide. It covers the history, the survival rifle. Pre-recs multiple upgrades. How to do them, where to buy the parts to convert. The AK is a really, really cool book, man. And this is the first book of its kind ever written on this specific subject. You can get or you can get it on Amazon for $10, either place 10 bucks.

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Okay. You can also find a link to it on prepper broadcasting network. It may pop up on a few other sites, but we’ll see, okay. To find it. All you have to do is go to a search engine type in AK 47 survival rifle, and you should be able to find it. And if for some reason you can’t feel free to email And I’ll be more than happy to point the way. Okay. Also, if you have any questions or anything like that, for me, same email address, gunmetal

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You can get ahold of me. No problem. Speaking of guns again, I have a really, really cool product pick. Cause I just got this thing. It is just awesome. Okay. The product pick this week is the vortex optics razor 4,000 HD rangefinder, man. Oh man. Have I been waiting on this item? Some of you guys may not know this about me, but I’m a total gear nerd.

1 (11m 23s):
Most people probably didn’t know that about me.

2 (11m 26s):

1 (11m 32s):
Yeah, you guys probably figured that out by, by some of the product picks that that makes a lot of sense anyways, but this one I’ve been waiting on this one. I’ve been waiting a while. Okay. I ordered my vortex strike you’ll I, I did a product pick on the strike Eagle a while back and I ordered that strike Eagle and the vortex razor 4,000 range finder. At the same time, I ordered them both about three or four months back. Okay. The strike Eagle arrived within a month.

1 (12m 2s):
You know, easy peasy. It was, it was awesome. Got here pretty quickly. Okay. But the razor HD rangefinder the fourth, the razor 4,000, it took until this week to get here and Oh my gosh, it was worth it. It was worth the wait guys. This is by far one of the nicest laser range finders I’ve ever used. This is one of the nicest ones I’ve ever gotten my hands on it.

1 (12m 33s):
It’s just flower. One of the nicest ones out there. Okay. I have used SIG rangefinders the kilos. I’ve used some of the other vortex ones, you know, they’re decent. They’re not bad. You know, I don’t have a problem with them. Like the ranger, you know, and some of the other ones they’re not bad. I’ve also gotten my hands on the muddy brand. Rangefinders even the Nikon rangefinders heck I’ve even had my hands on the loophole ones.

1 (13m 3s):
And even the Leica ones, they’re all decent. They’re all quite nice. But this one for me goes far and above all the rest. Okay. It has a reflective range of reflective laser ranging or reflective laser range, finding a capability of 4,000 yards, 4,000 yards trees can be picked up at about 2,500 yards and a deer can be lazed at about 2200 yards.

1 (13m 44s):
The accuracy of this thing within a half a yard or the accuracy of this thing is within a half a yard when used a under 199 yards. Okay. So within just under 200 yards, the accuracy is within a half a yard, which is awesome. That’s a foot and a half.

3 (14m 4s):

1 (14m 6s):
The it’s got an accuracy of a one yard within the 200 to 1000 yard range and inaccuracy of two yards when you push it past a thousand yards. Okay. So that’s not bad. I mean, if it’s telling me that something is, you know, 1,760 yards away, then you know, it could be 1,758 yards away, or it could be 1700 and you know, 54 yards away.

1 (14m 36s):
Okay. It’s not bad guys. It’s not bad. It’s gotta, it’s gotta be one of my favorite items that I’ve gotten from vortex to date. Okay. My favorite feature of it is the ELR mode. The laser range moat that gives you the capability to go out to 4,000 yards, 2,500 yards, 2200 yards. That’s what gives it its crazy capability to go out that far now

4 (15m 11s):
Mortar shot, huh?

1 (15m 14s):
Yeah. One of the guys in the chat room, Bobby, he said that at 4,000 yards, you got a mortar shot going on that far. If you’re trying to shoot a rifle at 4,000 yards. Yeah. You definitely your arc in that thing. And that’s for sure. So the website for vortex optics says that the razor HD 4,000 is the essential companion for the extreme Hunter Archer and shooter the extreme effective angle compensation, laser range finder features four targeting modes, normal mode, first mode, last mode and extended laser range mode for any ranging environment, the primary HCD or horizontal component distance range, a range mode provides key angle compensated range information required by the vast majority of shooters in a simple, quick to read display, the razor HD 4,000 also has an Los or line of sight range mode and a scan feature.

1 (16m 11s):
Now I love the scan feature because I can hold that button down in scan feature and scan mode and I can go across multiple things. And it’s going to tell me that’s at a thousand yards, that’s at 1500 yards, that’s a 1200 yards or whatever. It just keeps lasing all the way across. And it doesn’t matter where those items are. It’s going to give me an accurate range, pretty much of those items, you know, as I go,

4 (16m 38s):

1 (16m 39s):
I don’t know if anyone out there listening is a U S military sniper, but because of the nature of the work you have to do and how you have to basically set up, you know, your range cards and your, your drawings, this thing is ideal for that. It is ideal. I know you guys can use the mill radians and you can use, you know, the mill dust system, all that stuff. But this thing is super nice. Okay. Anyways, as I told you guys, you know, it has all of its, you know, reflective tree and deer ranging yards.

1 (17m 14s):
I told you about the accuracy to within a half a yard, the max angle reading for this, we talked about the, the effective angle compensation that it has for it. This one is plus or minus 70 degrees angle, the max angle reading, okay, it’s got a seven X magnification on its standard. The objective lens diameter is 25 millimeters, which is really not bad. It’s got a 341 foot feel the view linear of view at a thousand yards, not bad.

1 (17m 53s):
The angular field of view is six and a half degrees. The eye relief is 16 to 19 millimeters, depending it’s about four and a half inches long about an inch, a 1.3, four inches wide. And it only weighs about 9.9 ounces, which is not bad at all. It comes with a carrying case lens, cloth, hex wrench, and it comes with the CRT battery. It needs, but I bought a couple of extra CR two batteries because, you know, I want to have this thing on board when it comes to my preps.

1 (18m 27s):
I definitely want to have it with my prep. So I am definitely going to stockpile. Quite a few of these. See a CR two batteries. Definitely. Definitely, definitely. So if you guys want to know more about it, if you guys want to get yourself one, go to www dot vortex, I really honestly cannot recommend this thing higher. And just so you guys know some of the products I get for product pick, they do come to me for a discounted price.

1 (18m 59s):
This one I did with my own money. Okay. This one did not come to me for free. So that is something to consider. I like it this much, but I had to work for this one. No doubt. Okay. If you want one guys, www dot vortex,, V O R T E X, All right. Anyways, take a look. You’ll probably find that you really, really like it. All right.

1 (19m 29s):
What do you say? We take a quick break and then we come back and we started talking about whether it’s too late to start prepping or not. All right, guys, we’re going to take a quick break and we will be back in about three minutes or so. Don’t go away.

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Ryan Buford here wanting to remind everyone

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You can join us in the chat room while listening

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Into the live recording of my show. The next generation,

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It’s a show that bridges, parenting and preparedness for you and your family. The next generation airs every Sunday at 3:00 PM, Pacific 6:00 PM Eastern time. So go to prepper, and be sure to check us out live

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Every week where we explore the little things in life that make all the difference in the world.

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Hey, y’all Jordan here. You’re a host of a family affair touches every Saturday evening at 9:00 PM. Eastern, as we discussed prepping on every level and remember everybody, everybody

5 (22m 11s):
Medical readiness is an area that preppers often overlook. It’s James Walton host to the I am Liberty show. If you’re looking for a trauma kit or to build one of your own visit Archangel, they have a large selection of made medical kits ranging from EDC pocket kits to fully stock trauma kits, along with a large selection of medical supplies, including tourniquets pressure, bandages, chest seals, and more, they offer free shipping on all orders over $99. And they also offer several firearms and medical training courses from basic to advanced.

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Best of all, if you enter the coupon code, prepper broadcasting again, prepper broadcasting coupon code, you’ll get 10% off. Your first order. Archangel dynamics is a combat veteran. First responder owned small business. They support us and we want you to support them. Alright, Archangel And now we are turn to the gun metal armory.

1 (23m 17s):
Alrighty. Then we are back. Okay. So I am going to get deep into things here. You know, of course we’ll be checking the chat room occasionally, but we are going to go ahead and talk about prepping and whether it is too late to start prepping, or, you know, if it’s not too late, you know, or you know, the various different to look at that now I’ve got the mr to metal here right next to me.

1 (23m 51s):
So we are going to kind of get deep into this here. So mistress, what do you think here?

2 (23m 60s):
It’s never too late to start prepping

1 (24m 2s):
Never too late. That was her whole thing. Now let me give you some background on what happened. Okay. This last weekend, mr. Sam metal and I, we were at the grocery store getting our weekly food and such and you know, some preps, normally we grabbed some extra cases of water or extra canned food, rice, sugar, flour, or honey salt seasonings, first aid gear.

1 (24m 32s):
Right. So there’s an endless list of, of different types of things, you know, food, liquids, gear, et cetera. But as we walk the Isles, like

2 (24m 42s):
It’s good to note that we don’t grab extra of that. All of that every week.

1 (24m 48s):
No, no. It’s like it’s one or two items, right? Yeah. Anyways, so we were walking the aisles, like we always had. And I mean, I got to say, you know, things were, were looking pretty sparse, you know, things are looking pretty, pretty, pretty bad.

2 (25m 11s):
We haven’t seen it that way. Well, it paper

1 (25m 18s):

2 (25m 20s):
Massive. Everybody’s got to have it right now thing.

1 (25m 24s):
Yeah. I mean, it was, it was worse than it usually is at the place that we were at the grocery store that we were at. And we kept looking at each other. And I mean, we were both feeling a little worried, you know, I gotta say, well, you know, feeling like, wow, this is a cause for a while it had come back, you know, and things were normal sort of, kind of, yeah.

2 (25m 45s):
It was hard to get there. I mean, you still see empty spaces on the shelves and empty boxes and, and all of that, but it was starting to resemble a semblance of normalcy again. And now it’s back to beginning of this whole COVID scare.

1 (26m 6s):
Yeah. I mean, the supplies are starting to dwindle again, you know, I mean, maybe they’re going to come back, you know, maybe the store just didn’t get a big truck last week or, you know, maybe, maybe it was when we were both thinking about, you know, and we both kind of started to think the same thing, you know, like, is it too late to prepare? You know, I can save you some time right now. It’s exactly what, what mom just said. The answer is no is literally never too late to prep.

1 (26m 40s):
It’s never, never, ever preparedness by. Its very nature helps to preclude you from panicking. It helps to prevent you from freaking out. And the reason why, well, for example, when, when hit, we had some stuff, okay. Not everything we wanted or needed, but you know, we’re a little better off than some okay. One thing we didn’t have enough of was toilet paper.

1 (27m 10s):
Okay. We had enough for a few months roughly give or take, you know, but that isn’t enough. We all know that. Okay. However, we had it, we had other preps. Okay. And those other preps would allow us to trade for what we didn’t have or barter for what we didn’t have if need be. And even though it was a ways off, I even sent miles a text telling him, I may need to barter with him for some TP in the future.

1 (27m 46s):
Okay. Now I didn’t know if he had any or if he had an abundance of it or if he didn’t have any at all, maybe he has a bad day or maybe he just really likes to use a sponge. Like the inter Romans, I don’t know, he’s not here. I can’t ask him, but I wanted to start reaching out to my network. And I know you guys have heard about the area study and creating your intelligence network and having people, you know, around you and close by you that are savvy that you can go to if need be.

1 (28m 21s):
Now, after things got back to normal with the key supply, I don’t know if you guys heard that, but that was thunder. You hear that? Yeah. We just had vendor after things got back to normal with the TP supply. Mom said one thing about our preps. And what did you say?

2 (28m 45s):
Never again,

1 (28m 46s):
Never again, we were never going to feel like that again, like we didn’t have enough or like we would have to barter for things that we didn’t have. So yeah,

2 (29m 1s):
I didn’t, it wasn’t so much the toilet paper in the water and the, the food, it, it, for me, it was more, we only had one huge bottle and one small bottle of Hanson Tiser at the time. And we only, we were lacking in other areas of our preps at that time, because we had been putting off adding to them because of certain other life aspects.

2 (29m 43s):

1 (29m 44s):
You just moved into our new house and we were trying to get it set up and fix things and all that

2 (29m 50s):
Back then. No, we were still at the other place. Yeah. And maybe that’s why we were putting it off is because we were so limited on space, but regardless. Yeah. When there wasn’t any hand sanitizer to be had, when all the alcohol was gone, everybody was snatching up peroxide and bleach and the wipes and all the different things that are supposed to kill germs and bacteria.

2 (30m 28s):
And we didn’t have very much of that. We had it, but not very much of it. That’s what made me worry. Yeah. And so that’s why I said never again,

1 (30m 45s):
Because we needed to make sure that we would always have that stuff in abundance. Yes. Maybe not. You know, our version of abundance may not be the same as yours, but,

2 (30m 57s):
But when we got moved into our new home and we got all the repairs done that needed to be done so that it was livable and Yeah, exactly. We didn’t have very much this soap either.

1 (31m 16s):
Yeah. In, in the chat room, one of our guys in the jar room just said that they ran low on dish soap. Yeah.

2 (31m 27s):
Open, generally hand soap and bath soap and shampoo and this soap and dish washing liquid, you know, the whole laundry detergent even.

1 (31m 40s):
So it’s not too late to start prepping. And here are some things and ways that we have started prepping, then it saved us money.

2 (31m 52s):
So when we got moved into the new home, we made it livable and we started unpacking and we were able to see exactly what we have versus what we still needed to stock up on. We were able to put a plan in place that every week we would buy something to go toward those areas of things that we needed to add to.

2 (32m 25s):
So I started going to the dollar stores and the dollar tree and walking up and down the aisles at probably about every single grocery store that we go into looking for things that are marked down or on clearance. Right. So, yeah, but you, here’s an example.

2 (32m 58s):
You can take 20 bucks a week and go to dollar tree where everything is a dollar, unless you’re at a dollar tree. Plus there is a dollar tree plus, and they do have higher prices on some other things. But if it’s just a regular dollar tree, everything in there is a dollar. And for 20 bucks you can buy 20 items. Then you have to pay tax, of course, but you can buy 20 items.

2 (33m 28s):
And then you have those 20 items to add to your preps. So if you go in there and buy food, or if you go in there and buy soap or shampoo or, or deodorant razors, first day, first day, Tylenol and Advil and all that, you can buy 20 items and that one shopping trip to add to your preps

1 (34m 3s):
And only cost you 20 bucks. How do you find the extra money to do this? Because some people it’s it’s right now, they’ve literally lost their job. They don’t have a job anymore. And all they’re literally living off of either one person in the household is supporting the family with unemployment or both people in the household are supporting the family with unemployment, or you’re supporting yourself with unemployment.

1 (34m 33s):
So how the heck do you find money for something? If you’re literally, what do you call it? Living, living penny, depending. Yeah.

2 (34m 40s):
Penny, or is that people are paying tech to pace it. And these are hard times and we have to understand that people, there are people who don’t believe in preparing before all this happened. That’s true. And they’re running out of food and they’re running out of money and they don’t have money to pay their rent or their bills.

2 (35m 11s):
Now, thankfully, most States have implemented the whole, you can’t evict your tenants because they’re not paying rent right now thing. And for those families that are struggling like that, that’s good for them. But when that gets lifted, then they there’s going to be so many eviction actions in the courts. It’s going to be unbelievable.

2 (35m 44s):
So they’re going to have to figure that out. But regardless of that, the people that are struggling that much, if you just buy one extra can of green beans or what extra can of SpaghettiOs, when you go to the grocery store, you’ve started preparing right there.

2 (36m 17s):
It’s just a matter of buying a little bit of something extra. And then you started, you just buy it, don’t put it in the cabinet, put it in the closet or under your bed or, or wherever, but just something extra. And, and you’ve started preparing right there.

1 (36m 42s):
So when we do prepare like that, we will actually like some weeks we’ll buy hygiene stuff. Yeah. Some weeks we’ll buy food. Yeah. Yeah.

2 (36m 56s):
And you know, I’ve even found at the big box store that starts with a w in that store, they have those number 10 cans, huge cans of vegetables and fruit for like $3 a kid. Oh, like number 10 cans. Yeah. Those was really enormous size cans. So for an extra three bucks, you can have a really huge can of green beans or carrots or payors or peaches or whatever.

1 (37m 36s):
Grab one of the cans of carrots. Let’s see how many calories is in the carrots. Just for the sake of curiosity. Now, while she’s gone and picking up those big cans of carrots there, we’re going to grab one. We’re going to see how many calories are in it. Just for the sake of curiosity. Okay. Also in the chat room, they’re saying that Sam’s club has number 10 cans of green beans as well. Another thing we were at Costco the other day, and they had 10 packs of normal cans of chili.

1 (38m 11s):
Now, some people don’t like chili, some people do, but I’m all about getting chilly. I’m not like the biggest fan on the planet, but I don’t hate it either. And it’s, it’s pretty decently high in calories because you have to keep in mind that survival is a calories game. Okay. Having enough calories survive is imperative. Now nobody wants to eat an entire freaking can of carrots obviously.

1 (38m 41s):
But being that they have calories in them, you can add them to a soup or you can have them as a side, along with a bunch of other things. So we’ve got the can here. How much is one serving

2 (38m 55s):
One? Serving is a half of a cup. There’s about 25 servings and Cannes. And each serving is 30 calories.

1 (39m 5s):
Okay. So 25 servings times 30 calories. So 20 servings, 20 servings time, 30 calories would be 600 calories. Okay. Five times 30 would be 50 calories. Okay. There you go.

2 (39m 24s):
I can’t math in my head and you do it weird. So

1 (39m 28s):
I actually do math weird for sure now. Okay.

2 (39m 32s):
Yeah. I do want to mention that this, these cans are not, this is not a survival food company. This is like, if you owned a restaurant and you ran out of diced carrots or cut green beans and you needed to run to the store real quick to grab something. This is for restaurants. This is restaurant sized. Can of green beans. It’s not survival food.

2 (40m 2s):
It’s not a mountain house or any of those other food companies that charge exponential amounts of money for their freeze dried or dehydrated food. This is regular. You would buy the smaller cans to keep in your pantry. Sure. Only in bigger size.

1 (40m 24s):
What is the expiration date on it? Oh, there it is. Oh, okay. So every, obviously every type of food has an expiration date on it.

2 (40m 40s):
Best if used by May, 2023.

1 (40m 44s):
So this massive number 10 can. How many, what, what is it like?

2 (40m 50s):
It’s six pounds, nine ounces,

1 (40m 53s):
Six pounds, nine ounces of carrots for $3. I think it was like four, $4. Let’s call it $4. Just to be on the safe side for $4, you get six pounds, nine ounces of carrots that will last until 2023. If you go by what it says that technically, if you keep it in a cool dry place,

2 (41m 14s):
Cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Yes. It could last for much, much, longer, much, much, longer, much, much.

1 (41m 24s):
So this is just one of the very large cans that we got at, at the big box. Now, when we were there last they had what they had corn.

2 (41m 38s):
Yeah. Corn, green beans, carrots, payors and peaches, I think. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, harmony, harmony, harmony. Harmony, love harmony.

1 (41m 49s):
Yeah, you do. So that is one of those things that you have to keep in mind. You could literally go spend 20 bucks on these large cans of food and have like five of them, right? Yeah. So you could have five, you know, 20 bucks, you got five of these bags, cans of, you know, carrots and beans and vegetables and fruit, vegetables, and fruit. Yes. Like she said, the smarter person said, yeah. So you could easily do that.

1 (42m 20s):
And to find that money in your budget, me and the misters of metal had to look for extra money in our budget. So

2 (42m 31s):
Because our, our, our bills have changed. Our bills have changed a lot.

1 (42m 37s):
Yeah. So basically we had to find the money to, to be able to do this. Now we looked at stuff like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, you know, things like that first, like, do we really need all of those? No, we don’t. You know, could think about it for yourself. Do you really need all of those? What, what did you say? What was the other one that you were talking about?

1 (43m 9s):
I said Amazon prime and Netflix. Was there something that you,

2 (43m 12s):
Oh, if you pay for cable, the cable cable costs too much. Keep the internet ditch the cable stream. You can find it. If it’s news, you want, you can find it on YouTube. I’m telling you. I mean, that’s where we get it. No. I mean like you can go on YouTube and you can find stuff from Fox news, CNN. Pretty much all of them are all right

1 (43m 35s):
There. There’s no need for cable anymore. They did. There just isn’t it’s absolutely.

2 (43m 43s):
Or satellite phones, same thing. It’s all the same company. No, it’s not all the same company, but it’s all the same game. And they charge you way too much for channels. You never watch and nothing is ever good. That’s on. So right. Ditch cable ditch, satellite start streaming. Cause it’s a lot cheaper.

1 (44m 7s):

2 (44m 9s):
We did that years ago.

1 (44m 12s):
It’s, it’s definitely one of those things that everyone should, 100% look into. The other thing that you could do too, is something that a lot of people do when they go to Costco or Sam’s or any place like that is they get these bags of rice. We’ve done this, we’ve gone. And we’ve got these 25 pound or even 50 pound bags of rice or these 25 pound bags of Pinto beans.

1 (44m 43s):
You know, things of that nature. Now in the chat room, they’re talking about, you know, how many calories, a 50 pound bag of rice has. Okay. Now what, one of the numbers that they threw out was that a pound of cooked rice, just the pound of cooked rice, he said has 590 calories per pound, which is not bad. Now you, you, you add some herbs. Yeah.

2 (45m 13s):
Keep that in mind, but it’s calories. Yeah.

1 (45m 15s):
Yeah. So if you add some soy sauce to that and you add some vets stumbles to that, you know, some chicken, you know, whatever. I mean the, the, the fried rice fried rice has egg in it. Doesn’t it? Eggs, scrambled eggs. So you could add eggs to it. I mean, there’s just so many things you could add to rice. Rice is one of the staples that you could make. Spanish rice, Mexican rice. That’s the same thing. Fantastic. Mexican rice.

1 (45m 47s):
Fair enough. And Bobby said, yes, it’s the same thing. You know, you could do fried rice. There there’s this, you know, you could do Jasmine rice. I mean, there’s just so many options. So, okay.

2 (46m 6s):
When you’re considering what to stock up on or what to start buying extra, think of it this way. You’re looking at calories, you’re looking at what flavors you can comfortably deal with. Don’t, don’t buy things that you’re not ever going to eat. Yeah. That’s a bad idea how easy it is to prepare them and there’s shelf life.

2 (46m 38s):
So say you have freeze dried or dehydrated food. You have to think about, do I have enough water to rehydrate those items? How am I going to prepare it? Right. And how long is it going to take? And do I have little children that are hungry now and not in the next hour? Yeah. So that’s all things to think about in your, if it’s a situation where you’re just thinking moderately short term or moderately long term.

2 (47m 19s):
So we’re, we’re talking like three to six months kind of a deal. I would probably to go for canned foods, canned soups, canned meats, maybe some ramen, some beef jerky, you know, cereal, dried milk, that kind of thing. Things that would be easy to put, to prepare and quick, but that you could rationale.

2 (47m 58s):
You don’t have to just eat the whole can at once, you know, or divided up between family members and, and make it last longer. So

1 (48m 8s):
Also keeping in mind, if the grid goes down, there’s not going to be electricity. So you’re not gonna be able to refrigerate things the way you used to. Right.

2 (48m 14s):
You’re not going to be able to heat things up, please, too. So

1 (48m 19s):
It’d be over a fire if it’s anything,

2 (48m 22s):
Or if you have a, a camping stove or

1 (48m 26s):
Grill with propane, you know, something like that. Yeah.

2 (48m 30s):
Even if you had extra, he had a charcoal. Yeah. There’s, there’s lots of ways to make it work.

1 (48m 38s):
Batch oven that was mentioned the chat room.

2 (48m 41s):
I even saw a video on YouTube of a lady that made a make shift solar oven and made a cake with the solar of it. And it involved a black, a matte black five gallon bucket. And one of those reflective, the, the thing that goes in the window, windshield reflector. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

2 (49m 11s):
And, and she, she made a cake like that. It took hours to make it, so it’s like, you know, putting it in an easy bake oven, but it works. It totally worked.

1 (49m 26s):
So it’s just something to keep in mind when it comes to the, you know, the grid going down and stuff like that. We just wanted to kind of get a young subject of, you know, is it too late to prep? Is it not too late to prep? And if it isn’t too late to prep, what things can you do right now? What things can you buy right now to get you ahead or get you going? Okay. Like we just said, can food go to any big box store? Look for the big number 10 cans.

1 (49m 56s):
We’ve mentioned a couple of places, you know, the big w Sam’s club, Costco, places like that. Look for those big cans. Okay. Keep in mind when you’re looking at the food, you know what you’re at those big box stores like Costco, look for those 25 pound bags or rice 25 pound bags of Pinto beans. But above all else, look at the calories per serving how many servings and how much, how many calories are there in each thing, because survival above all else is a calories game.

2 (50m 29s):
And that always advocates, people do your research. If you’re new to this game and you’re just getting started and you don’t really know where to start YouTube, it Google it. There are a plethora of books and videos and just an entire library of information. You could probably feel three Congress libraries, they see information that’s available to you.

2 (51m 7s):
So yeah. Books, videos reaching out to the prepper broadcasting network. We have a whole bunch of hosts that would love to help you get started. We include,

1 (51m 28s):
Yeah, we’ll be happy to help. If you got an email, feel free to email me and I’ll, I’ll give it to the mistress. Or if you’re just curious, you know, regarding me, you know, want to know what I have to say. I’m not very smart, but I’d be more than happy to try to help, you know? Yeah. I’ll ask her how to do the food and the hygiene and all that stuff. And also keep in mind that these preps are only meant to be a specific timeframe. Okay. You, you need to be planning your garden within that first week of the crap hit the fan, the grid going down, you need to be planting your garden and seeing what you can plant at that time.

2 (52m 7s):
Yeah. Cause, cause that planting is by an Almanac, by a farmer farmers, all rack, or you look it up online. Cause that exists online to print it out. Yeah. You can only plant certain things at certain times of the year, we are going to try to get around that we are building a greenhouse right now. We’re going to try to,

1 (52m 33s):
Oh yeah. We’re going to

2 (52m 35s):
Try to plant spring and summer crops in the winter. And we’re going to see if that works. Cause we’ve heard that it works and we’re going to test that theory. Yup. So to be continued on that one, but in the chat room, they just said to look at your local colleges, ag groups. So your agriculture groups in your, in your big colleges, I know the ones here are ASU and Oh, I can’t think of the other one right now.

2 (53m 6s):
Yes. Yeah. But I think ASU is the one that does the most of it. So like your big state colleges look to see if they have,

1 (53m 14s):
We have an agriculture program program and ask them about, you know, what kind of soil you have and what’s good to plant in your area

2 (53m 23s):
And usually find all that information on their websites.

1 (53m 26s):
If you can’t find it, Google and Google will probably take the straight to it. Yup. But you definitely do need a farmer’s Almanac too. That’s definitely something that you need to, to do. Okay. And the charity extensions there, they’re also saying that some of the college agricultural groups will test your soil for free as well because they want the experience. So keep that in mind guys. All right guys. Well, it’s a little early, but I think we’re going to go ahead and cut it here and just go ahead and stop now.

1 (53m 58s):
And we’re going to call it tonight. Thank you guys for joining us. Bobby. Hope you’re doing good, buddy. Good to see you. Helpful hints. Yes. We appreciate you my friend. So thank you guys for joining us. Hopefully you guys can join us again when we do another live show, maybe next Thursday or it may be prerecorded, but hopefully I will have the mr. Matter with me again. If you guys have any questions for me or for her, feel free to email

1 (54m 31s):
Don’t forget to check out the rest of the shows on the prepper broadcasting network and feel free to join the prepper broadcasting network. We have a members only area now. So if you’re a member, you can check out all kinds of cool articles on prepping. And who knows. There may even be some articles in there from the mistress of metal or the gunmetal armory is sometime very, very soon. You just never know. We shall see anyways. Thanks for joining us guys. We’ll see you next time as we go deeper inside the kitchen of United everybody.

1 (55m 8s):
Hi Bobby, Bobby.

6 (55m 12s):
Thank you for joining us. We’ll see you next time on the gunmetal armory. Thank you for listening to the prepper broadcasting network, where we promote self-reliance and independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit


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